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BBA & BBA YA 2024

BBA 2024 Winner Poster

BBA YA 2024 Winner Poster

BBA 2024 Shortlist Poster

BBA YA 2024 Shortlist Poster

BBA 2024 Shortlist Bookmark

BBA YA 2024 Shortlist Bookmark

BBA 2024 Longlist Summaries

BBA 2024  Longlist Marking Sheet

BBA YA 2024 Longlist Summaries

BBA YA 2024 Longlist Marking Sheet

BBA 2024 Longlist Poster

BBA YA 2024 Longlist Poster

BBA 2024 Longlist Bookmarks

BBA YA 2024 Longlist Bookmarks

2024 Key Dates Poster

BBA 2024 Launch Poster

BBA YA 2024 Award Launch Poster

2024 Information & Guidance for Teacher and Librarians (PDF)

BBA Stickers To be printed on on laser labels L7651 or inkjet labels J8651 (65 per sheet) and used as spine labels or given to readers who take an eligible book 

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BBA 2023 Winner Poster

BBA YA 2023 Winner Poster
BBA 2023 Shortlist Poster

BBA YA 2023 Shortlist Poster

BBA 2023 Longlist Poster

BBA YA 2023 Longlist Poster
BBA 2023 Launch Poster

BBA YA 2023 Launch Poster


BBA & BBA YA 2022 Winners Poster
BBA 2022 Shortlist Poster

BBA YA 2022 Shortlist Poster
BBA 2022 Longlist Poster

BBA YA 2022 Longlist Poster


BBA 2021 Winner Poster

BBA 2021 Shortlist Poster
BBA 2021 Longlist Poster


Book Group resources for 2021 longlisted titles:
Far From Perfect

Enigma Game
The Highland Falcon Thief
The List of Things That Will Not Change


The Boy Who Fooled the World

The Kid Who Came From Space


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